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REFOG Keylogger Review

REFOG Keylogger is an application that records your keyboard keystrokes and saves the data into a file or sends them to a remote site. It can also monitor your computer activity, record chat conversations and attempt to figure out passwords. REFOG remote keylogger is designed to record every key pressed on the user’s computer, take screen snapshots, and e-mail the information back to the person who installed it. This remote keylogger cannot be uninstall without knowing the master password set by the installer. 

But Why Use REFOG Remote Keylogger?

Although the computer and the internet has been very useful tools for business, entertainment, education, and communication but in the wrong hands they can be destructive. Children can connect with online predators. Adolescents can provide inappropriate information on their social networking profiles. Significant others can make romantic connections with members of the opposite sex. Employees may also use their computer resources and Internet connection more for personal purposes and reducing their productivity. But with REFOG Keylogger none of these activities have to remain a mystery.
REFOG Keylogger must be installed in your system manually.  In contrast to Trojans, which disguise themselves as necessary software or applications, Refog is downloaded directly by the computer owner, or by someone who has access to that computer.  Usually, it is parents, teachers, employers, and others who monitor the use of the computer for safety reasons.  But a family member, friend, employee, or someone else with access can install Refog in your system.  They need a few minutes to set it up, and then they can monitor your computer activities through any computer.
Monitor does not involve a steep learning curve, does not require a computer science degree configuration and operation. Just download and install the program, let yourself go! Catch a liar, monitoring employees, children and spouse, to get others passwords, chat records and improve access to the site, and even investigating crimes.

REFOG Remote Keylogger Features

Invisible and Undetectable
Unlike Free Keylogger that always displays an icon beside system clock, Refog Keylogger can run completely undetected and fully invisible. Even computer-savvy teenagers won’t be able to tell whether it’s running without knowing your Master Password, nor can they stop or uninstall the monitor.
Refog Keylogger is ideal for family use. Download your copy, double-click to install, set your Master Password and leave it – Refog Keylogger will do the rest completely automatically. You can leave it running 24×7 with zero maintenance.
Zero Maintenance with Automatic Updates
Refog Keylogger requires no regular maintenance. It can even update itself automatically by periodically checking for a new version, downloading and installing updates the moment they are released. Regular automatic updates help ensure optimal performance and tightest security of your PC.
What’s Recorded
Refog Keylogger logs all key presses and keystrokes typed on your PC, and saves any text pasted from the clipboard. Thanks to periodic screen captures, you will have access to fully illustrated usage history of your PC. Refog Keylogger can also, track Web sites and resources visited by your family members, and log all applications launched on your computer.
Protected with Master Password
Your Master Password is always required to make changes to Refog Keylogger. No one can uninstall, block or circumvent Refog Keylogger monitoring without knowing your password. Without the password, it’s even impossible to tell whether or not Refog Keylogger is running!
Refog Keylogger works great with Mac OS and all modern Windows OS releases: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®.

REFOG Remote Keylogger Products

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